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Basic CRM

Sales Quotation + Followup Management Software.

Basic CRM : Lead + Customer + Quotation + Followup management, basic software to start with. Great option to get acquainted how easy, effective and efficient (E3) same is for your business.

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cost's 0.40 cup of    per day#

Sales Doc

Sales Documentation Management Software.

All features & functionalities as in Basic CRM + Sales Order Confirmation, Performa Invoice, Sales Invoice documentation management from one centralized solution. Customers having long and complex pending order / delivery list.

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cost's 1.30 cup of    per day#

Essentials CRM

Essentials - Customer Relationship Management Software.

All features & functionalities as in Basic CRM + Performa Invoice + Sales Invoice documentation + Receipts (Bank Receipt + Cash Receipt + Debit / Credit Note + Discounts)


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cost's 1.4 cup of    per day#


Customer Relationship Management Software.

Manage your Customer's data, all communication reporting enquiries , quotes, orders, invoices, returns , payments, followup from one centralized solution.

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Basic SRM

Purchase Order + Followup

Basic software to raise Purchase Order (PO) in standarized PDF format for your suppliers & tasks assignment and reminder to follow them up timely.

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Purchase Doc + Inventory

Purchase Documentation + Inventory Management Software

All Basic SRM software features & functionalities + Requisition + GRN + Issue + Inventory. Product Code based software.

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cost's 1.60 cup of    per day#


Supplier Relationship Management Software.

All features functionalities as mentioned in Purchase Doc + Inventory Management Software + Purchase Invoices, Accounts Payable from one centralized solution.

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cost's 1.80 cup of    per day#


Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

All features, functionalities, reporting as available in CRM and SRM. In addition business processes of Planning, Production, Inspection, Jobwork, Inventory / Stock Management can be maintained in detail.

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cost's 5 cups of    per day#

Features, functionalities and benefits of ACS

Cloud Based
We provide cloud based online business management solutions which help you manage and grow your business more efficiently and effectively. Internet speed and cost both are feasible for entrepreneurs.
Pay Per User
Pay per User basis
Cloud based IT solutions are cheaper per user basis for mini, micro and small businesses rather than outright investing in enterprise grade software solutions with hardware, network & technical team costs.
Modular Costing
Modular Costing
No need to invest today for all features functions which you may not use now or have no application for your business. Pay only for what you will use to manage your business. You may opt for same in future when your and team ready for same.
Easy Peasy
Our Solutions are simple to learn, use, manage with accurate reports. You and your staff don't need any degree or training to use same. Give it a try for free.
Zero Investment
Zero Investment - Our unique service proposition requires Zero upfront investment from you. You pay only for plan you select for number of users.
Zero AMC - For traditional software you need to pay AMC. With our user based periodic plan, AMC is ZERO.
Reporting - Analysis
Our MIS reports will help you in making decision based on systematic data analysis. Our analysis and reports help you make right decisions all the time. Data is available at click of button whenever you want.
Work From Home
Your office can work 24 * 7
No need for fixed office timings or when team member not well or out on holiday or off day or other issues, can still work from anywhere any time provided has access to internet. Time & Place becomes irrelevant.
pay & use
Pay & Use
No need to wait / allocate for system to be designed, developed, installed, learnt, trained, hardware budget etc. Just pay and start using from the word go.
Our solution is integrated with email tools, pdf format, microsoft office excel, sms*, whatsapp*
no networking team
No Tech Team
You don't need to invest in hiring or training technicians for software, hardware or networking. Zero expenses on maintenance.
Global Enterprise level Software
Invest in practicing global enterprise level software standards for your business to give yourself edge over your competitors.
Google Chrome
Our Solutions is device neutral it just requires Google Chrome browser whether you are using iPad, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet, any Hand Held Device, Microsoft Windows O/s desktop or Apple O/s desktop it just doesn't stop working.

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